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Center Gradient Transparent

Alex Gambill,

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Although originally from Kansas City, MO, I moved at a young age to the small town of Troy, MO - NW of St. Louis. Growing up in a small town, I have learned to appreciate the workings of a small community and found an appreciation for nature and the outdoors. As well as a love of classic cars...which appears to be a genetic trait in the family. Oh and a good road trip!


My passion for filmmaking and photography began when I was 12 years old. I wanted to recreate the same powerful moments I saw on the big screen. I saved money for what seemed like an eternity to buy my own camcorder. I began doing little projects for my church, school, neighbors, and just about anyone that would let me film them!

Since then, I have continued to grow my passion and improve the techniques of capturing every little moment. I pride myself on helping businesses grow their customer base, couples document their special day and non-profits bring awareness to their cause.

"I have been documenting the stories of truly remarkable people since 2012 -- it is a true honor"

You did an amazing job! I have nothing but good things to say! Thanks for being so easy and fun to work with and capturing our big day!


- Tori

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